A Calling in a Single Night

I got an inbox from unknown numbers. It was written by that he invited me out. As I kept it in mind, the message was arrived right at the middle of night as a few minutes as I turned off the lamp. Honestly, I had no intention of responding. Countlessly, received numbers frequently brought out a deception or prank. So that, I just ignored the message and pulled the blanket.

After a few minutes, the number called me again. I wondered why people out there really liked to bother others when we wanted to go to bed, I thought. Feeling mad, I decided to hang it up. Maybe, it was friends or family who had just moved to new numbers. I was hanging, greeting, and waiting, but there's no voice at all. The sound of a crow was what I heard. That was no joke. You know, it seemed like a horror movie. You also remembered the urban story of Sadako who would give you the chance to live in seven days before she finally killed you in a tragic way, didn't you? It was what I imagined. But I didn't think too much about it. I pulled up the blanket and tried to sleep as quickly as possible.

You'll clearly know what my story goes like. The phone rang again. Three rings. Exactly, it's five minutes after I closed the last call. Because I was too annoyed, I picked up the phone. I bawled whoever out there. My voice might irritate people around, but I didn't care. I was at the line of fear and annoyance. Once again, there was no answer. From there, my feelings began to creep, jarred, and spread throughout the nerves. I suddenly heard a voice like a woman, inviting me out and doing an unfinished task. This person was crazy, I thought. I didn't know that voice. Especially what she said, I did not understand and refused to understand.
Right before I hang off, she said she loved me. I was increasingly clueless and scared. I thought I wanted to scream out loud and ask someone to help me. Then she said something threatening. Very soft. "This world is an ocean for those who want to commit suicide. I have tried hard to survive in a world with full of fireflies. I walk to carry out tasks that will never be ended. I want you to accompany me. Here, the world you and I can leave all lies." her voice was suddenly vanished. I gasped instantly as she shouted at me "You will be alone if you don't get outta here." I turned off the phone and threw it hit-or-miss. I decided to leave the room, taking cold drinks that might calm down this fear. There was the sound of the telephone ringing again as my foot stepped to the living room. I didn't care, at all. I turned towards my mother's room. At the door of her room, I heard the television. Strange sound. I looked at the clock, and, obviously, my mother was sleeping. Did mother forget turning off television? Something stopped me moving quickly from there. The television broadcast news of the murder in the area nearby the house with a same voice to the calling woman in the telephone. I listened to per each sentence, and I just realized that the murder happened at my house. But where? It had been almost two months since my family moved to the house, and there was nothing strange. The seller of the house also said that this house had been previously inhabited by a happy family from Indonesia. I decided to go back to the room, and you know? When I went up the stairs, the piano in the living room tinkled.