This novel tells about 2 men who work together in a company that they have established. One of them named Marley and another one named Scrooge. Marley was dead for seven years ago. The burial was signed by the clerk, the clergyman, the undertaker, the mourner, and also his sole partner Scrooge. That was a sad moment.

This story begins at the Christmas, where Scrooge working alone as the owner in his company that they had established with his sole partner Marley. Unlike any other good superior, he overworks his employee even in the holiday. He continues his stingy greedy ways on Christmas Eve. He rejects every Christmas dinner invitation even his nephew’s invitation.

The night has come, his friend visits him in a form of the ghost. Marley’s spirit comes to Scrooge perhaps to warn him to not doing the same thing so Scrooge can save from the same fate as Marley. He also tells to Scrooge that three ghosts will come over the next three night.

Scrooge falls asleep and wakes up to seek out the Ghost of Christmas Past, a small, aged figure. The Ghost shows Scrooge scenes from the past that trace Scrooge's development from a young boy, lonely however with the potential for happiness, to a young man with the first traces of greed that will deny love in his life. scrooge shows new feeling once revisiting these scenes, usually crying from identification along with his former neglected self.

Scrooge goes to sleep and woke up by the Ghost of Christmas present, a large with a life of 1 day. He shows Scrooge many current scenes of Christmas joy and charity, then shows him the Cratchit family. The Ghost informs Scrooge that unless the future is modified, the Cratchit's lame and kind young son, Tiny Tim, will die. He additionally shows Scrooge the party at Fred's house. Finally, a ragged boy and woman crawl out from the Ghost's robes. The Ghost calls them ignorance and want and warns Scrooge to watch out for ignorance.

The silent, black-clad Ghost of Christmas yet to return replaces the opposite ghost. He shows Scrooge many scenes of individuals discussing someone's death; nobody appears displeased by the death, and most are happy regarding it. Scrooge doesn't recognize, however, who the person is. He learns that Tiny Tim has died, however, the Cratchits maintain their unity and love. Scrooge finally discovers that he's the one who has died and whose death has solely happy folks. He expresses the hope that these scenes of the future is modified, and vows to include the lessons of the past, present, and future into his adoption of the Christmas spirit.

Scrooge wakes up in his sleeping room and learns that the entire journey took only 1 night, not three‹it is Christmas Day. additionally, to smiling and being friendly to everybody he sees, he sends an outsized turkey to the Cratchits, provides a large donation to the charity employee he previously abused and contains a tremendous time at Fred's party. following day he provides Cratchit a raise. Scrooge continues his kindly ways after Christmas, befriending everybody and turning into a second father to Tiny Tim, who doesn't die. He never sees the ghosts again, however, he keeps the spirit of Christmas alive in his heart as well as anyone.
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